A Steam-Garry's mod validating problem.

I start steam fine, i click gmod10, and it says launching game…then says validating, it reaches 100%, then the window disappears and i click gmod again and it does the same thing. What do i do?

Have you tried restarting your PC? Possibly a problem on Steam side.

the same problem happens to me =\ I already tried to restart the computer, made virus check, check any broken lua files or anything like that…and I have no clue what’s the problem =\

ok i had the same problem and i fixed it by right clicking ‘Garry’s Mod’ in ‘My Games’ steam list, then click properties, then goto the ‘Local Files’ tab and click ‘Verify integrity of game cache…’ This will validate your game (usally takes alot longer than it does automatically) and afterwards the game should work. Let me know if this works.

I’m trying this right now. Cross your fingers.

I can’t see any games in My Games and i already buy those games some mouth ago. You will be the next!!

ZOMG!!! i have have the same dam problem

ok ima try to do what mazza1986 said. i give feedback :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting the same problem, and then when it finishes, it says the steam servers are too busy to handle my request. What the hell, Valve?

same shit too me too >.<

Either Gabe tripped over the servers, or he shat on it.
Guess we’ll have to wait for a god damn update.

Thank you so much mazza. It works now! Your the best!

Nothing, i was trying all, and nothing, how can i repair my garry’s mod ? pls help me !