A Steampunk Turret

Now for something different from the Tank Track concepts and WIPs and other stuff that’s been posted the last few days. I built this last night out of boredom after deciding to try my hands at something Steampunk-themed. I ended up building some kind of Tesla Coil/turret hybrid:


As you can see, it’s Steampunk themed. And a turret. That’s also a Tesla Coil. Also, those gears you see move and the transformer bit on the side sparks.
A few more images from different angles:**



pretty basic, not detailed enough IMO. You should have added some more pipes and valves and maybe you could have had some kind of boiler or something. Again materializing props with rust =/= steampunk.

Cool turret though, slap like 30 props of detail onto it and I’ll A+ you.

The control module should have some fuckton of levers and be connected to the turret via some gears, pipes and whatsoever, not radio :V Then it would be really awesome.
Just cool right now.

Can’t say I like it sorry, just too basic, and not very steam punk-y

You’ve got a point, it is a bit… basic. Then again I was trying to not over do it, bad things happen to turrets with tons of crap welded to them.

Maybe I’ll make another turret, with more detail.

protip: don’t weld

Damn haddock get there first, i was gunna go, ‘THARS DIS TING CALD MULTEH PARANT’.

Personally i’m not a fan of steampunky shit, nor tesla coils tbh, so i can’t say much good about this.
More details? I dunno.

protip: protip

I like it, it does need a lot more detail. The tower crane I released recently is rusty but that by no means makes it steampunk- THIS is steampunk:

also yeah parent it

or you know… in lack of better example…:




The base of the turret needs to be thicker, that or lift the turret off the ground.

I’m in love with all steam punk Contraptions. I like yours very much.

What then? :confused:


i tried, i even blocked my kids violent vidya games.


I did.