A stitch of my Facepunch Reality

This is my first stitch and I know where I went wrong.

I saw everyone else was doing this so I jumped on the bandwagon. I am obviously in the middle watching Uberslug vs Chesty battling because they are both good, and Uberslug is a metro because he is a mod :v:
I chose Ben because whenever I see that model I always think Ben for some reason.
and Butthurter because, well, he is, uh, Butthurter.

Huh, I’ve never imagined Chesty as a big black man before.


That really does describe me accurately, actually.

Me and Uber would never have a battle.


Okay well apart from my old days when I used to piss Silverhammer off all the time.


Hell yeah I’m black.

lol i thought you might have complained about that

should’ve put butthurter posing zoellis with dildos

Naw his avatar takes butthurter’s persona.

i probably would have done something like that if i downloaded a dildo model sooner.

I don’t think I’ve ever banned chesty


in fact its kind of like a running joke that we agree on absolutely everything

hmm… i guess. i never looked at it that way. i just made it look like you two were fighting because you’re both good.