A STool that can replicate a pose onto another ragdoll (with the same skeleton)

If the title wasn’t enough, what I’m asking for is simple (in terms of requesting, not sure how much effort it’d take to actually do), a tool that when you right/left click on a posed ragdoll, you can click on another ragdoll with a matching skeleton, and then click once more on the area where you want it to be. Somewhat like the stand tool and the model manipulator (it seems to crash on ragdolls). Not really expecting much, but if anyone could do this it’d be great.

I’ve always wanted a tool that could edit the skeleton of a ragdoll, so that posing wouldn’t be such a bitch. Being able to save a pose and then applying it to another ragdoll would be a definite need.
Oh and of course, applying this to a ragdoll would instantly freeze it, preferably statue the ragdoll whenever not in use by the tool.

Good idea? Definately.

You would only need to use SetModel(NAME) on a ragdoll and it would keep all of the bone positions aslong as its on the same skeleton.

But if its on a diffrent skeleton, It will look extremely screwed up.

I think you could do this: pose the ragdoll of your choice, then duplicate this with the duplicate stool, and use the model modifier stool to change it. the thing is, some bones are not assigned like others, so when you copy the bone of a foot, of another ragdoll, and put it on the other “foot” of a ragdoll with a different bone structure, let’s just say, it’s a dinosaur ragdoll, then the foot would be hands. and it would really look messy, somehow, you can do so with the same ragdoll with the same bone structure (for example:male rebel 1 can be change with male rebel 2) but if you change male rebel 1 with alyx, it would really be fucked up. which is basicaly, whaat you wouldnt want it to be. :3
oh, and some ragdolls, even if they have the same bone structure, will be fucked up too, for instance, if you pose alyx and use the model manipulator on her with the model of the monk(father grigori) you’re gonna have a bad result. :3