A Straight Jacketed Citizen

Can someone make male_04 bound in a strait jacket please?
Like his pants and head with a straight jacket instead of a torso and arms.

No automerge?

someone do this it would be awesome


I would do it, but im busy with some other models right now.

Can you do it when you’re done.
I’m waiting for this and “director’s mod” before I can do what I intend.



-snip- This post was pointless.

nha don’t worry some one can do…if there is a straight jackets i can hacking but i can’t comipile…if you know one…

(I can compile)

we can do that…i need a straight jackets model and citizen one i can hacking in few hours


But where fucking i find a straight jackets?!?!

what is this director’s modyou speak of?

Found a modern day jacket 3D model


But apparently just for women

Use any kind of modelling program to flatten the boobs/smooth them out it it should work.

i have 3ds max…don’t worry

Are you working on it?

A bit…but i can’t modelling i can only hacking