A strange problem with no console error.

So, one of the users on my server is having a rather strange problem, the user was roleplaying fine. And was using money printers etc. Until randomly their use key stopped working on DarkRP entities, they can’t open doors but can enter cars, they can’t interact with money printers but can pick up sweps and they can use ATM’s but not NPC’s. There is no client side or server side error for me to go off, this has not happened before. And we have added practically nothing in the last 24 Hours. I looked into FPP as one admin had changed a tool gun restriction, I have played with every setting and nothing is working.

Lots of post on various forums describe the exact same issue, and all point to FPP, so I was wondering if there is a way I can reset FPP. I tried a console command I found on the GitHub, but evidently, it has not actually reset anything. Any input would be greatly appriciaated.

I did, however, upgrade the ATM System, I removed the old files as stated on the addons workshop page, as having the older version causes problems, I contacted the creator, however, they have denied creating the addon, despite its presence on their workshop page.



Definitely sounds like a prop protection issue. You might wanna try manually running the hook (all functions manually) that controls the player use and see which one is causing the problem.

Maybe its because its 2 Am here. But how would I go about doing that? Thanks?

Ah, got it. Yea - I have no clue why any function was causing any issues, but I have resolved the problem. Thanks!