A Strange Problem

Hey guys. I have a weird problem that has occured and have been trying to fix but nothing i do seems to sort it out. I’ve been playing Garry’s Mod for ages and years now however this has suddenly happened and I can’t sort it out.


Its difficult to describe but here goes, on the main menu when i click anything everything seems to go crazy. When i press multiplayer the server menu comes up however the buttons on the left such as “Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Options etc” all go infront of the server menu. When i right click on the server in the server menu the little sub menu is see through and i can’t read anything properly. Continuing this when i actually try to connect to a server the server menu stays up basically blocking the whole screen can’t close it can’t see whats being downloaded properly and the loading/connecting bar isn’t there at all. It also seems to stop me connecting and creating any server offline or online.

I have deleted local content, deleted and re-installed steam and the game, undone what i have done (mentioned below), not sure what else there is I can do.

System hardware specs:
Processor - 2.26ghz Duo
RAM - 4gb
Graphics Card - NIVDIA GeForce 9600M GT
Operating System - Windows Vista

Changes I have recently made was setting launch options -dxlevel 8 (suspiously just b4 the incident) in steam by right clicking Garry’s Mod and going to properties, but i have now gone back into launch options and deleted that. Also i had gone into CFF Explorer with Hl2.exe and set it to handly more that 2gb but i did that ages ago and was working after that. But as i said i have re-installed steam and Garry’s Mod and all this has been reseted.

So thats basically it, Thank you very much for any comments and replies in Advance =D



Oh i also did a Defrag


It is fixed!

After posting this I did a little last search again for the problem and found a forum on here, so i greatly apologise due to it already being answered but i didn’t know what exactly to search for.


For anyone else having the same or similar problem i just typed -dxlevel 90 in the launch options which right clicking the game from the steam game list. The -dxlevel 8 must have buggered it up.