A strange question to gamedevelopers

I have a rustserver from Multiplay, everything is working fine, except the extremely high memory usage. hoping this to be fixed soon.
But now i got another server from fragnet. and the guys on their support are very helpful and great in all ways.

Now i got this problem on the second server, and i dont really know how to explain it, but i will try my best here to see if someone might recognize iit and have a fix for it.
Everything seems to run so nice and smooth on it, low ping, high fps no lag. BUT these two things…

When i kill a animal it looks like the animal corpse has no gravity left in the corpse… legs spreads out and the animal rolls away … almost flies away haha.
The second problem is that when you walk its a bit “jumpy” it almost feels like flowers are lifting you up a inch fro mthe ground, so that every 10-20th step makes you jump up a bit.
I hope someone has the solution to this, i asked others to try the server and its the same issue exactly for them. its like stepping on a small stone that lifts your toon up a little bit and makes the walking jumpy but not laggy . strange?

Is this related to the game? or has it someting to do with the host?

For those who wants to see this LIVE the ip is : port 28215

Is your map larger than 5k? That can cause some funky physics issues.

yes mapsize is 8000 ? so you suggesting making it smaller? its a 100 slot server …so was kind of hoping to have it big

4000 (default) is a decent size for 100 population. It might feel crowded at first after a wipe cuz everyone tries to settle near eachother, but eventually ppl will spread out more.

it was the mapsize! i lowered to 5000 and its working perfectly! thaaannxx

I’ve noticed that bigger maps also translate into high memory usage on the clients. So even if your server has monster balls everyone that connects to it may not.