A Stranger About To Slaughter a Visitor


Constructive Criticism are welcome. :v:

Original picture, in case anyone wants to edit it

Posing and angle are both solid. Nice skin on Scully.

After looking at the original, I have to say the editing and DoF work is really well done. Good job!

sexy picture

Wow, the editing makes everything look so high-res.
Very nice.

I was expecting something with V :3:

Oh you. :3:

Thank you guys for the comments, I appreciate it.

Seriously, that would have been awesome. I love that show. At least, the new version, the old one is kinda crappy :v:

Like i said on steam, SUPERB! Keep em comin bud

Nice models and shading. That AK model is pretty terrible though.

HOLY CRAP, that’s an amazing picture and edit.

Looks nice.


Good pose + edit