A string of newbie questions.

Hello great citizens of facepunchia!

I’ve come to ask your assistance in my endeavor to become a semi-competent member of the modding community. I figure the first way to do that is to create a SWEP that is (hopefully) useful and balanced. I intend to create a futuristic-looking rifle that is on par (or slightly weaker) than HL2 weapons, but has very little recoil and a largish clip. I say this to assure you I do not intend to create a horrific ‘minge’ SWEP that would just serve to clog the tubes.

Please forgive how ‘noob’-like I am. I’m not terribly confident or competent, I must say, but I do hunger for knowlege, and I hope I can give back to the community that has given me so much.

With that, I should probably get down to business for those of you who have already TL;DR’d the above content. I picked a simple model from the FPSBANANA devhub: http://www.fpsbanana.com/models/1145 - just a simple, somewhat understated futuristic rifle that hopefully won’t draw too much attention to itself. If it turns out too garish, I’ll just add some ‘grunge’ to the texture.

I also have actually scripted the weapon (admittatedly using a SWEP base, because my goal isn’t to create something fancy, just something workable.) so that component is taken care of.

Okay, so we have the model. Fantastic. Unfortunately, It’s in .Max format, and I highly doubt that will work. Prying open the Model directory for various SWEPs I have in my addons reveals a terrifying menagerie of file formats: .phy, .mdl, .vtx, .sw.vtx, and .dx80.vtx.

I would very much appreciate an overview of these file types, and a means to convert… I hope you don’t mind.

The second part of this is probably the hard part. The model will likely function for a world model - but must be animated and have hands added. Fantastic. That will be a lot of fun, I’m sure. I have no idea how to even start. This need not be terribly ‘amazing’ or fully glitch-free. I simply want to create something workable. I can likely refine it later.

I apologize for my newbie questions… but I would very much appreciate help. Thank you, facepunchians. I throw myself at your mercy.

August 2008
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Yep, you may notice I’m not terribly active. I do lurk quite a bit though, if that’s any consolation. I wish you would help me despite my apparently unpleasing postcount and join date.

Well, I can’t truly help you, but I think you should also post this in the LUA scripting area as well.

To get the .mdl’s and stuff you’ll need to compile it. Get yourself a .smd exporter for 3dsMax (assuming you have it) and a compiler (http://kathar.net/other/StudioCompiler.exe for example).

But before that I assume it has no hands or animations or anything like that so you’re in for a lot of work to get that working. There are a few tutorials here and on HL2World wiki for that but it won’t be easy.


I think he’s got the Lua covered, having already made the code.

You’ll need to compile the model. I can’t do that with v_models, though, so good luck.

Well I should get on that then. Thank you very much for your help, good sir. I will report back with my progress in 5 hours or so.

Edit: 1 hour later:
Well, HL2 World provided a tutorial for exporting, but I haven’t found anything concerning animation yet. I did, however, find http://www.fpsbanana.com/tuts/8807 . Is this in any way relevant, perchance?

Try decompiling an existing v_model from HL2 and see how that works.