A stroll in downtown Chicago 2057


Save got corrupted, so I couldn’t snap a shot with better lighting/supdof, so this will have to do.

god DAMN that’s nice

what’s the map though

Oh my god, I love love love that lighting.

Wow excellent work. What’s that map?

this doesn’t really look like 2057-ish. More looks like nowdays.
Expect the whore. (she is,right?).
I hope I will die before such things will appear on the streets of my city

Nice scenebuild, don’t know where blue chicks would come from during the next 40 years.

Fashion probably. I’d say in fourty years skin pigmentation will be pretty easy to change.

Godamned blues walking free in my city of regulars,

Awesome map

Thanks guys for the positive comments. The year choice was a little random, but I figured I had enough futuristic looking props/vehicles to say it was a little bit into the future. Why a blue chick? Iunno.

Also the map is from a new mod called OffLimits

Atmosphere reminds me of Bladerunner. Nice work.

What about those cars?

Mix of L4D2 and custom models from what I can see.

That, and some cars from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and SiN