A strong VPS

I’m gonna open a server with my own gamemode

And I need something strong

And yes i’m thinking big so I was thinking a strong VPS that will hold a teamspeak server

And also 60 players with this mod

This mod is like building and zombies something new thing is it has hats, zombies, gun drops and basicly every minute theres like 5 more entites in the map

I need a strong VPS talking lik crazy good to hold 60 players with that gamemode

I wont forget this favor and i’m gonna give a VIP rank to the guy who will give me the best VPS


Please tell me you’re joking.

You can download a strong VPS from anywhere on the internet.

I’ll do it, is 1TB of RAM okay?

Here you go:


Rank Now Please.

What so you only want to host a teamspeak server?

You do realize that this is really confusing.

They seem to be Strong VPS.

We have loot drops on zombies currently atm, the lag isn’t the issue it’s the entity limit.

If its an entity limit problem, get your gamemode runing on G13, the limited has on entitys has been quadrupled to about 8248 entitys last time I checked.

Indeed we shall when it’s released…