A Submarine

I’ve been gone for a while, posting this as my coming back contraption to you guys. Work, car maintainence, girlfriend, all keeping me away from building things. Well… I’m trying to squeeze Garry’s Mod into the mix so I have quite a few ideas coming so look out for them. :wink:

As for this, this is my submarine, seeing a submarine fad on Nodex inspired me to build one. However I didn’t know which one (which ultimately led to this) A mix between a U-Boat, Nuclear Submarine, Spaceship. (gotta have jet engines baby)

Front surfaced


Side view surfaced


Rear view surfaced


Looks like your average peculiar submarine, yeah? Well, enough boring surface pics, lets look at the submarine underwater for a change. :slight_smile:

Front underwater


Rear underwater


Side underwater


Top underwater


Comments are welcomed as always. Hope you guys enjoy me being back, I know I do.


Noticing underwater the submarine appears dark. So heres an out of water pic to put things in perspective.


Wau, very nice. Textures could use some work though.

This would make a fucking badass airship.

How many props?

fucking nice. It is all one color tho. Try spicing it up a little. Still, its screams excellence.

Awesome work! Would love to see the interior in this submarine.

holy hell

I saw this while it was being built. It’s ossim.

Lol, bring that to Nodex[UK] we have sub fights. GREAT JOB. Nice to see you back.



Interior shots.




Wow, I might have to build a submarine now.

You sub has an interior!?!?!!


that… is fucking awesome, best submarine ever!
EDIT: please post a vid

^this x10^

Now if only Half-Life had a realistic water base thing, were you can put a dumpster in the water and it doesn’t teleport in

what’s it powered by?

i know it has jets but how is it powered and does it use hoverballs?

damn thats badass…

Wire thrusters, nothing too fancy. Parent prop in the middle of it which I have leveled to the point when I surface the prop is flush with the water, added wire buoyancy to it and called it good. I’m terrible at any wire so I just stick with the basics.


And the engine in the back is a giant underwater jet engine.

Now I have to make one to destroy my pirate ship

it is awoasoem

Damn awesome, but yeah, it deserves some better materials.