A subway and a man with a helmet.



I’m running out of things to pose.

The second one has a really cool atmosphere.

The textures are pretty bad though.

The first pic looks pretty good, too.

I like them both.

yep, the second picture has a nice atmosphere. but I cant get in touch with the first picture for some reason

The second picture is nice, but the props on the floor look odd.


Oh wait no the texture of the train is just kinda sucky

Yeah the train texture is complete shit; I just worked with what I had.

Glad you guys liked them anyhow.

nice lighting

I’m being serious about running out of things to pose.

What should I do?

Whatever the hell you want, not every pose you make needs to be uploaded.

I only uppload about 20% of the poses or edits that I make.

Make sci-fi stuff. That’s always good.

You could always join the FPM bandwagon, screenshots don’t necessarily demand that much logic.

The title makes no sense.


I would of given you more points if you actually put effort into the subway one instead of copy pasting the GTA train straight out of the game.

Also turn the grain down man, shouldn’t be to the level that I can see first time I see the image.