A Sucker





Spent all night on this shit.

Nice :smiley: Always wanted a lolly model ^^

4kids makes everything better.

not really

Looks really nice. High quality model and texture by the look of the picture. Nice job

Hot damn.

It’s a fucking sucker why are 20 people looking at this :gonk:

Cause people know a good model when the see one.

Holy shit that looks delicious, downloading.

Haha. Nice xD

The quality sucks.

No it doesn’t.

It’s a pun on how it’s called a sucker.

As I said on steam, the top and bottom parts of the wrapper should be wrinkled up a bit more and the sucker itself looks a bit too smooth, but other than that it’s great.

Could you enlighten us on to how you made it so round?

I unno I just created a circle and then bam it was round

It’d say it looks like a sucker.

Lovely model

All a reward to someone who makes this pose:

is just me or this bitch has 6 fingers


But it was confirmed as just a little art mistake.


Like zoey’s 3 hands.