A Suggestion for a Purpose

Hi to all!
Let me share with you a proposal, a thought, a new way of seeing the game that could give an ancillary dimension to this already wonderful experience of survival.
Everything comes from my favorite saga,the RiverWorld Saga made by Philip Josè Farmer.
I quote from wikipedia an hint to the “world of the river” for me to understand better:


“Riverworld is an Earthlike planet, terraformed to consist solely of a single long river-valley. The river’s source is a small North Polar sea, from which it follows a course tightly zig-zagging across one hemisphere before flowing into another, along an equally labyrinthine path, to the same sea. The river has an average depth of 1.5 miles, and is shallow near the shore but plunges to enormous depths towards the channel. The banks are generally smooth and gentle, expanding into wide plains on either side, then assuming jagged hills before an impenetrable mountain range. The valley averages 9 miles in width, but includes narrows and occasional widenings into lakes with islands.”

“The story of Riverworld begins when 36,006,009,637 humans, varying from the first homo sapiens until the early 21st century, are simultaneously resurrected along the river”

“Further attempts to affect the environment are frustrated by the near-complete lack of metals and ores on the planet. The only building materials available are bamboo, wood, and human or fish bones and hides. Pockets of flint (eventually depleted) provide material for tools. With technology limited to the paleolithic level, the surrounding mountains are impassable.
Travel along the river is hindered by division of the Riverworld into thousands of empires, monarchies, republics, and other social systems, each only a few kilometers long and housing 90 people per square kilometer. Because the distribution of populations along the river seems random, the character of these nations can vary wildly within a very short span; whereby one can enter dangerously unknown and potentially hostile territory in less than a day’s journey”

I would add, finally, that at the source of the river, at the pole, on top of a very high mountain range, there is a huge tower, which contains perhaps the solution to all of humanity awakened on this planet.
In short, a purpose, a way to go if you are not only interested in domination and submission of your neighbor or in building more solid huts.
I can understand that it is something that goes beyond mere survival, in any case, I love how you’re developing this game and I love the way the developers listen to the users, but the similarities between the sensations experienced playing and those reading the book prompted me to write this post.
What do you think?