a suggestion for garry (or slightly for someone else who could do this)


He isn’t making another Gmod.

He’s releasing another BIG update (like the one that updated gmod to the Orange Box) and we’ll call it gmod 12, just like we called the last big update 11.

The current Gmod is already 12.

How, the Mac Update is gmod 12

It isn’t a big update other than the orange box engine, but the other aspects of the update DO benefit to a few people, props to garry :wink:

This man in the other thread speaks the truth.

It changed when garry updated it to the newest source engine.

here’s a better suggestion:

Stop breaking the game.

No. The mac update will add no more functionality, besides being able to run on Macs.

Because addons that people don’t work on anymore = the game.