A suggestion for Garry's Mod 13 beta

Everyone of us who downloaded the GMod 13 beta probably still have this annoying thing in his library. But it is for nothing and can’t be deleted, only hidden by putting it into a folder or by displaying only the installed games. And as we know, Garry usually adds several bugs to Garry’s Mod as he updates it. So why not make betaversions of the new versions which would be updated to the GMod 13 beta? People could test the game and post the bugs to this forum (under Developments) for Garry to review and fix them, so the official GMod updates would be more stable and bug-free!

how about garry not exploit a bunch of moron childrent for hella of dollars of free QA

what are you even saying

amen brotha

Or Garry could use it as a fallback version if he fucks things up like last patch

This is not a bad idea but you have to ask yourself, how many people would actually do testing? and how would they know what to test?

For addon developers this could be helpful as they could know with anticipation if their addon is going to break.

Tell me, how many people actually use GMod 13 beta now? It’s without ANY use. People could know what’s coming next to GMod, sooner. Anyways, anything would be good to do with it than just keep it as a totally useless game in our libraries.

And yeah, it would also be helpful for addon developers.

Is there a Gmod 13 beta? I thought it wasn’t used

Before the GMod 13 release (in October or November I think) there was a beta version and people could freely download it and try the new features. Now it’s outdated and buggy and discontinued, but it still stays in our libraries…