a suggestion for non cupboard protection

I see people suggesting to solve the decay problem with placing items into the cupboard. But, I feel that the cupboard system already solves the original problem of griefing in a non realistic way, and putting resources into a magic cupboard that repairs your house is just going farther in that direction. Of course, realism can’t be considered over griefing, so there has to be some solution. In the old system, foundations just had a radius where you couldn’t build around them. Naturally, if this radius was made too big, people would abuse it by placing foundations everywhere. The cupboard provides a much larger radius, but must actually be protected, solving both of these problems.

So i was thinking of other ways you could solve that same problem without the cupboard. What if it was similar to the old system, where foundations simply had a radius of protection, but the protection radius increased as you added more and more to the house. A single foundation by itself would have almost no radius at all. While a large house, would have an appropriately large protection radius. The idea is that in order to use it for griefing, the person would need to build a full structure for it to have any effect, and at that point they aren’t even griefing, they are moving in next door. They couldn’t just hit a few trees and surround your base with foundations anymore.

Edit: oh also, the quality of the material the house is made of also increases the protection radius. If someone built a giant metal armored castle, it could perhaps have a ridiculously large protection radius, so they don’t have to go around placing little 1x1s filled with cupboards throughout their lands.

Doh! This all creates a new problem of what happens when the radius increases and it overlaps an existing foundation owned by someone else.

Yeah, I’ve always hated the “magic forcefield” but it does more good than harm. And the legacy-era standoff is just as magical when you think about it. In legacy you fought to gain access (door control) or deny it (griefing), while in experimental with the TC it’s more a matter of full control.

or just put option on cupboard/repaibench to reset decay counter if u dont reset each day the decay must start. this decay system what implemented not more just resource sink.