A suggestion from a humble gamer.

Upon reading this first sentence, please note that this post is not for the sake of arguing or even stating opinions countering another opinion.

This is for the sake of suggesting fantastic new ideals for the rust community to comprehend and ultimately, for the devs to consider and perhaps even if these ideas get that cool, to become implemented into this fantastic game I’ve known to love before it’s even become a beta.

With all that said, I think a list is in order.

  • I love the idea of dyes in this game, I already see small weeds that stay visible even after the Grass.on false command so turn those into berries or just let them become salvageable. Keep it with your normal idea of struggling to accomplish things and don’t make it too easy for us to change our colors, but in the long run it’d be super awesome to have a clan or family all wearing the same colors. :smiley:
  • For ‘It’s the small things’ development, perhaps implement a item switching mechanic that allows you to drag and drop items on top of something in your action bar, allowing a simpler switch of items.
  • A touchy topic on this forum, but C4, I’ve seen them be ‘duped’ and used like candy, but perhaps add a few more items required to create one, like low grade fuel or metal fragments. Something HARD!
  • Perhaps a tutorial mode for the new players. I just remember going into this game having no clue what to do. “Hit a tree with a rock? WHY WOULD I DO THAT?!”
  • I can tell there’s going to be more guns and mods implemented in this game, just know I like that idea. <3
  • Perhaps bicycles? Har har.
  • Of course you know this, but a small reminder from someone who has no experience in any sense of the work you developers do, but simply stay classy. Don’t do what WoW did and sellout. Merely a suggestion that brought me from that game to this one. I’d rather host a server here for 20 then pay 15 for WoW.

Now you know all my suggestions, add to this, I hope this gets popular and accepted by the public. Enjoy!