A suggestion/idea for an item in Rust.

Hey there,
I’ve come up with an idea which could be quite possibly an useful item in the game.
What if you could be able to find BP’s for a set of nightvision goggles? I’ve found it to be quite hard to run around at night with a torch, because anybody could see you running around :frowning:
so that’s where the nightvision goggles would come in hand. You can get kevlar armor, military weapons so it’d be a good idea to add nightvision goggles?

If you don’t have anything normal to say don’t reply, doesen’t mean I don’t accept negativity, just don’t be plain r-tards as I’ve seen people just troll forums. All comments bringing out cons and pros are welcome,
Thank you for reading this and I await your replies.

would be the same after adding nightvision goggles, cause after a while most people would have them and everybody would see everybody running around at night.

plus for me its good as it is right now.
the atmosphere at night with its advantages and disadvantages (depending on what you are doing!)

Yeah but maybe it could be a rare BP?

A BP in general is not good. Once you learn it, you can craft again or other people can craft for you.
Wont work in Rust.
Unless you lose it forever and have to find another one.

Sounds good aswell

Ok, go smack some rocks and trees in your back yard and bring them into your makeshift shed, smelt them in your makeshift furnace, use your makeshift workbench and makeshift tools to fashion them into a highly sophisticated battery powered device.

I say no on the blueprints idea for that reason alone. However, I’m not opposed to having an item like this as extremely rare loot with extremely limited use. Like maybe 2 minutes of battery life so you would have to keep switching it on and off to conserve its lifespan. Even with these limitations, I still don’t want it in the game. I love the risk vs reward relationship of Rust. If we start removing too much risk, the reward won’t feel as sweet.

Moving at night should also be very hazardous and it should attract attention. Learn to navigate the dark better to keep safe. Barring that, move in a group with mutual protection.

I understand this sentiment to a certain extent - but the game is starved for content and variety right now. Adding in a feature like night vision - even if it was prohibitively rare to find - or difficult to craft, might open the gates to interesting new strategies - like groups of players that operate completely nocturnally, building, hunting and even fighting at night - or a whole new strata of combat tactics using campfires and flares to blind and confuse NV equipped players.

Aside from anything else maybe it would dissuade people from still trying to crank up their gamma.

There’s no arguing the game is stale at the moment while we await more content from the development process. Can’t argue there. A few things to address in your reply.

1.) I don’t think that the goggles should be craftable. I am not opposed to the limited use and rare find possibilities for an item like this though, but definitely not craftable.

2.) I love the idea of nocturnal groups, but what makes them frightening is they are good at operating at night. If you add in NV goggles, you also are taking away their ability to operate by allowing them to be seen by anyone else who might have the goggles as well. This takes away risk and makes reward almost impossible for those who previously were able to operate in complete darkness, risking animal attacks, getting lost, etc. The fun is removed by a simple item addition.

3.)The confusing NV equipped players is ok and fine, however, all they have to do is take the goggles off and problem solved. Not only that, but now the entire battlefield is lit up and an even playing field for everyone. So what was the point in adding the goggles?

4.) The gamma “cheat” is being worked on by the developers. One of the solutions is to add a white noise effect after dark (similar to the one in Crysis) that would make it more difficult to see the higher you increase your gamma.

  1. Why? Realism is hardly in play at the momment, and half of the game revolves around the incentive of being able to craft things. I can respect your preference for not having them craftable, but I’m not sure I see the reasoning behind it.

  2. If nocturnal groups were to form, they’d likely be the most well-equipped and technologically advanced on the server at the time. If NV was craftable, it would be best if it required rare resources or multiple components. Even better would be to make batteries a craftable consumable. So one could conceivably craft the goggles themselves fairly easily a few hours in. But getting a hold of the blueprints, and then the zinc and manganese for the batteries would be tricky. Said resources could only spawn in 3-5 nodes on the map, adding a new center-point for conflict as higher teir groups sought to control them.

  3. I envisioned it as an effect similar to a flashbang in CS, whiting out the screen completely for a few seconds until the player removed the NV or looked away from the light source. You know, like how actual light intensifier tubes work. So if a flare goes up, or if a crafty player has surrounded their house with a maze of lit campfires - the NV wearer has to either remove their goggles - placing them on a level playing field vision wise - or else be blind for 3 seconds and hope the defender/attacker dosn’t shoot them. (Or, learn how to wear NV as one has to in real life. Avoid looking for sources of light as we are accustomed to doing.)

    • As I understood this has already been implemented. If not completely then at least partially. There’s a black noise filter applied during midnight, you can see it if you look at the corona around a lightsource like a campfire or furnace.

^ Agree with this one

1.) Because the modern crap in the game currently are just placeholders. They’re not meant to be in the final game. They’re models that were imported from the Unity 3D demo or some other game just to be used while the game is in development. It doesn’t have to be realistic to a degree, but it should at least be plausible. In that sense, no one can construct a pair of night vision goggles using a wooden workbench and a stone hatchet. Google search “Night Vision Goggle Schematics”. Do you think cavemen can make all of those intricate pieces? Do you think they can make a battery to power it? These items didn’t exist until we acquired the technology to automate the process. There was no first hand-made pair of night vision goggles it was ALL made by machine from the very first prototype to the advanced mass produced goggles the world militaries use today. So no, no, no. It should never be able to be crafted, not until we can craft factories, complete with assembly lines and automated machinery run by sophisticated computers and highly educated engineers and technicians.

2.) …

3.) Yes, I know how the goggles work. However you’re forgetting, that once the goggles are removed because of lighting up the night with flares, fires, etc. there’s no need for them. So what was the point in the first place? Just light up the night yourself in the first place, since as soon as they hear you stalking around outside they’re gonna flare the place anyway.

4.) Yeah it may have been added. I don’t see it listed on the Trello page any longer.

  1. We have magical workbenches that let us turn scrap peices of metal into forged receiver military grade firearms. The current weapon models are placeholders, not the weapons themselves.

As I said before, realism isn’t really a serious concern at this stage, perhaps it never will be. But allow me a moment to indulge your supposition. [sp]Supposing Rust is set in some sort of post-cataclysmic event scenario. The buildings in the rad-towns, particularly the steel shipping containers indicate that there was at one stage, a society along the lines of something of an industrialized 1st world nation from around the 1960’s onwards. Then you have the presence of ‘anti-rad’ pills, most likely potassium idiodide ones - which have a shelf-life of around 6-7 years, and came into widespread use around 1978. Less than 5 years later, betacam camcorders were in widespread use - which have a ccd sensor In them sensitive to infrared. By simply illuminating your surroundings with an infrared light source - like one of those laser pointers we seem to find in every other crate we open, you could easily create a rudimentary night vision device with little more than 3 parts, some duct tape, and batteries. Rock optional. Yes its a stretch. A silly one at that, but its perfectly conceivable within the game’s current “universe”. Batteries are cans filled with manganeze oxide paste and some electrolyte. Generation 1 night vision is far easier to cobble together than you make it out to be - and Rusts relationship to realism makes this whole argument silly anyway. But somewhat fun nonetheless. [/sp]

  1. ?

  2. Er…even with flares or campfires. Its hard to shoot at and accurately hit a black silhouette moving around in the darkness. - I was saying the blinding effect would affect the player, so that even if the goggles were removed, their vision would still be obscured until their metaphorical eyes recovered. The point to night vision is to see in the dark without advertising your location. If people can hear you you’re doing it wrong, or the audio system needs tweaking.

This is a terrible idea that would further upset game balance. Finding your way in the dark is an essential skill in rust and makes for a lot of gameplay depth and combat tactics. Smart players know to do resource gathering and inventory moving at night, as well as base raiding.

Night is easier now because it is shorter and doesn’t get pitch black; for most of the night I can move around as well as in the day. You are suggesting this as a band-aid fix to make up with your inexperience with the game. Learn to use flares and torches/flashlight situationally, such as only flashing it on for a brief period (if you don’t have too much to lose) to see your immediate surroundings before switiching it off again and keep moving. To me, the mark of a midnight noob is to run around with torch constantly blazing. If your monitor and/or graphics settings are terrible, learn to fix them, which is good for almost any game. If all else fails, hide in your house at night until you get better at the game.

You just want to drop another easy mode tool into the laps of the packs of 5+ kev goons that make up with resources (which they rob from noobs) and numbers what they lack in skill. The game needs more asymmetrical warfare such as traps for a viable balance that would require skill and strategy to place and use effectively.

All well thought out counter-points and I understand Rust isn’t exactly realistic in its current iteration, but I just think us being able to make night vision makes about as much sense as bears dropping metal foundations. To each their own though. I trust Facepunch to make us a great game. If they see NV Goggles as something good then I will trust they have it all planned out far ahead of what any of us can see. In the meantime however, I’m going to lobby for as low tech a game as possible. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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I want bear traps that slowly cause players to bleed out but make it so their backpack won’t despawn so you can collect your loot from the traps lol

No. Ideally I’d like longer darker nights, with greater opportunities for conflict and player interaction in them. Some limited night vision allows this by granting advantages to higher teir players, for significant crafting and resource dependency.

I don’t think anyone here is suggesting “in-game gamma tweaks 4 deh lazy” - we’re looking for a new item that introduces a range of new strategies and tactics to the game.

Is the night in Rust currently easily navigatable with a good sense of direction, or some quick torch swapping? Sure. But should night-time be easily navigatable at all is the question we’re pondering. And how can we make it more multi-layered than just “learn 2 see in dark n00bs”.

its more hardcore without them so i would not like to see them in game

It is total bs. The night is the safest time to transfer resources over long distances. To farm rad towns. And to even do some mining.