A suggestion of mine.

This is really self explanatory, I think it would be great if the M4 was removed and replaced with some form of an AK.
My reasoning behind this is that an AK is a REALLY cheap and easy to make/maintain gun, therefore it would be more logical to be able to make something like that on an island instead of a military grade M4 :confused:

I think it should be less accurate, quite a bit of recoil, lots of damage, and semi high fire rate.
I also think it should have a chance of jamming.

Any thoughts on this?

Military weapons are placeholders, they will be replaced. Automatic rifles sound too complex to be hand made by some naked man stranded on an island though

I don’t really agree with you for the most part but guns possible jamming every once in a while might be an interesting feature.

Guns should degrade, with the option to repair using low quality metal.