A summary of a whole fanbase.



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I just had to do something with that medallion.

It is good.

lol cwc

That sonic thing looks like one of those ice cream things you would get from the ice cream truck.

Shit was so cash

Makes me wish we still had an ice cream truck here :frowning:

That isn’t Sonic.

What fanbase?

Sonic fanbase.

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If you can’t tell, its Chris-Chan.

I rated artstic because it was the clostest thing to autstic…

dude how did u edit cwc into that gmod room so well?

chris chan is strange at most. spazkidz’ spoof series was really taking the piss out of him. made me laugh

I can’t find any L4D or L4D2 full content.

Everything, except the yellow hue and tv screen effect, was done ingame.

There’s no way he could ever afford a camera like that with his monthly tugboat


Thanks man. :buddy:

No problem :buddy:

Strange at most? Seriously?

I know it was sarcasm :P, I meant the boomer resembled him so well.

I’ve heard of skeletons in your closet but…

what the fuck

I honestly have no idea of what to think of this.