A superhero forces a plane to crash into a building


Ingame 'splosion is bad, empty picture, kinda cool idea, but it was executed bad.

Amazing piece of art.

So it’s Naziman?


how come i find this picture in 2 threads?

Well, Naziman doesn’t seem to care about

Friendly Fire


it was a comp. pic and this one was good so i thought it deserved its own thread!

and i agree it does


I can’t say why, but I really do like it. It looks so… stunning.

this is great

He’s not really a superHERO then, is he? More like a supervillain (and hey, I’m cool with that–please don’t land a boeing 747 on my house)

Seems very bland and lifeless though; he doesn’t look like a super anything, random detatched buildings in the middle of non-descript fields are very rare indeed and it all just looks like some random dude using noclip.

Try harder next time on the environment and posing.

maybe its a terrorist building

Reminds me of 9/11.