A suprise during the night in the road

The title was… interesting I guess. If you cant see it blame my laptop.
I kind of dont like it, I may make another one of the same genre.

If you want you can play this song


The car killed him?

Maybe yes, maybe not…


I liekz.

Some jerk bashed your pose in their blog.


I see no reason why you have black bars, especially since you cannot see the top one. Fairly nice picture though.

I posted a hate comment there. It might get removed.

btw mine is the one saying “How I had no idea how a thick line of 0, 0, 0, 255 could be so horrible.”.

The complaint is completely justified.

No screenshot should have to rely on the blackbar crutch, and its use does reflect poorly on your ability if you believe that it lends any sort of artistic credit to your pose.

Actually in my laptop I can see the top bar, and I used bars in this case because I wanted to cut his feets and still be able to compare both of them easely since thet both have the same size. In my latest image I dont have them.

I still think they are cool though. Kind of concentrates the action.

Added a comment too