A surgeon at work on the viewer(Firemasheen Edit)

Wasn’t made for the Cyberpunk series but i gave it that twist, also the compilation thread died in 3 seconds.


Now you know why the Jack featured in the last issue was so against the CORPS. he believes they killed his brother.

i can’t read half of the text due to the white background merging with the white text

You’re not really meant to read most of the text(Soup for the first person to find out why)

“Arh you john connah?”

I don’t even bother to read the text



You’re not meant to(aside from UNIT LOST)

I can read implants and explode… o_o

It looks nice I guess.

I made my own edit of this. Based on my old edit.


The surgeon in the first picture is fucking creepy, at first I thought he had no skin from under his nose, just the skull. :ohdear:



Termy HUD:


RoboCop “HUD”:


True. But the whole surgeon repair thing reminded me of Robocop.

He’s killing the viewer not saving him


That’s what you get if you pick your nose too much

Okay okay. But still, cyberdude + surgeon dude + first person shot… just gives off some kind of cool Robocop vibe. So basically, I like this picture.

I don’t know why, and I can’t believe I am saying/thinking this but: I don’t like that doctor model…

I know! it’s crazy!

it is a little low res but there’s no other surgeon models