A survey of opinion on experi server

I’m following, I understand. The ones who do can understand you guys are coding, we can see the tremendous growth and potential in this game. This is not a whine to “get me a game now” but a request for scheduled downtime. I want to help Rust succeed, and that includes watching the marketing strategies implemented. I waited for the Friday dev blog. Updated my whole steam library. Chose Rust first, after reading the log.

It’s Saturday night, it’s late. Guys, this is when we need a server to play around and see what’s going on, not to mention lay some obstacles in the world for you to test how you wish. Saturday night should be downtown to avoid like the plague.

If there is anyone on this forum that agrees, I would request we make voices heard and maybe enough response can gain the attention of those who can address it.


edit: Many games have adopted Tuesday nights, and from what I understand is an accepted understanding across the board of gamers. If you’re attracting the “hardcore” he/she will likely have plans for that night. Tuesday night downtime…