A survivor contemplating the road ahead

But, he has made a mistake and it is about to catch up with him… see if you can spot it. C&C Appreciated.



The cigarette will kill him… eventually…?


I see now, the shotgun is leaning towards his head.

Bottom right corner zombie. Not a flan of the blood, left boot looks like it’s clipping, posings fine, smokes a bit light, rated art.

Sottaly has it. Zombie trying to climb up onto the platform. Also the blood is not his… it is from zombies he has killed… so that is why there is no gashes under the blood.

Ah. I still dislike the blood on the left leg. It just seems like too much compared to the rest of him.

Why does it have to be uniform all over his body?

It doesn’t. It just looks out of place, that’s all I’m saying.

The mistake is that he spilled his canned Chef Boyardee ravioli all over his nice clothing.

You know what sucks… when you bust your balls doing the best you can on a photo, and nobody likes it… Seems to be how my last 15 pictures have gone.

Why do you think I stopped even trying to edit my shit?

It isn’t the editing, it is the whole image. I have said for a while there is a small group of people who no matter the image, they get 15+ artistics and a million comments. Yet someone like myself who has (I think) above average photoshop skills and far above average posing skills gets no ratings and a pity comment.

I got more comments when I sucked back in 08… or way WAY back in 07 when I first joined FP.

…Remember my outburst about all the kiss asses on the forums? Now you see where I’m coming from right?

I like the blood splats.


Good God, cry some more. Try making some good pictures for a year and then people will kiss your ass and you can stop complaining.

I haven’t been on FP a year…I don’t think…hold on…


Nope. Haven’t been. I’m not crying about it Chesty, It’s just funny.

Har Har.

Glad to see you’ve put a smile on your face.

Shut up.


man’s got some fat legs.

Damn Keith looks badass.