A Survivor- First Pose

Well, here is my first unedited pose. I did not choose to edit it because I do not know how, and I can’t think of anything to edit. Please leave constructive criticism.


Turn up the AA and use a better angle and your good to go from there.


It’s okay for a first pose, just do as Castro said and turn up the AA and choose a better angle. You should also try to improve your posing.

Thank you, I have no idea how to pose. What is AA?

Anti-aliasing, or “AA” is what smoothens the edges of objects in games to make the edges less jagged. You can turn it up in video options.

Thank you. How can I get better at posing?

Practice, practice and loads of practice.

Someone should really make a posing tutorial around here.

I could do it, I may be horrible at editing, but I can pose decently. Should I?

Nice avatar clay
on topic: You should straighten the back more I think

Thank you guys =) I would like to make my own skins, but it sounds hard. I am up to the step where I have Photoshop, VTFEdit, and GCFscape. I don’t know what to do once I have to .vtf loaded into photoshop with size of 2048 by 2048