A survivor stumbling uppon a new threath

Back from the grave, now with more original content.


Damn, that threath is danderous. it’s cool, but i don’t like something, i dunno what though.

Always nice to hear that

Nice lighting.

Upon*, threat*.

Back from grave with new original generic content!

But it is a cool picture, and (WOW) soldier has no flashlight! The dino looks pretty real.

Why is its right arm so much smaller than its left?

Holy fuck. Pleasantly surprised.

It’s nice to know there are still people here with some talent.

I think it angled its right arm so you can’t see the side of it, making the left one look bigger.


Also thanks to anybody who commented :buddy:

I like the crowbar.

Urgh… people rating the spelling and not the picture.

Oh well, I like it, it has dinosaurs and zombies man.

Thanks man :buddy:

looks amazing combine, great lighting

Only problem I have is the glowing crowbar.

Awesome picture. Kick ass job on the raptor and the light. Have art.

Wow thanks people :buddy: