A survivor team sneaks through a city

Bet you weren’t expecting this.


C&C. Don’t complain about how dark it is. It has to be.

If it’s so dark that you can’t see the picture, then it doesn’t have to be so dark.

I can make it out alright.


Bump. Needs C&C.

If you’re sneaking, why give away your pos by smoking. Not smart.

Good either wise.

People who QQ about the darkness need better monitors or something.

Okay, i’ll give my opinion…it’s too dark. I can understand that the setting is night, but i can’t see any detail.

It’s dark but have no problem making out the picture. Have a 22 inch LCD monitor. Funny thing is. I lean a bit to the left, it goes very dark. Lean back and I see without problems. Lcd’s are fickle oogle boxes:) Nice pic by the way.

Go on, disregard my explicit mention of not pointing out how dark it is…

Thanks for the worthwhile C&C, SatansSin and Rastifan.

It’s too dark. It doesn’t need to be.

Watch a film with a scene set at night. Is the scene supposed to be scary? If no continue. Is the scene so dark you can’t make anything out? I bet the answer is no. Can you still obviously tell that it is supposed to be night? Yes of course you can.

A picture set at night doesn’t have to be pitch black; all you have to do to give the impression of darkness, while still retaining the details of the picture, are put a blue tint on the picture.

Lol dark

Anyone notice he’s smoking that cig backwards?

Oops…I didn’t notice that.

He must be really awesome to do that.