A survivor walking through a subway station

Perhaps looking for a safe way out of town, or simply searching for supplies? C&C appreciated.


with the weight of that gun, it should be either leaning forward (if the butt was hollow) or back (if it was solid.)

It is leaning forward. The muzzle is pointing down.

oh, ok, it didn’t seem like it was with that angle.

That’s actually pretty awesome. Nice use of Keith.

just noticed the strapless backpack.

Looks good, but lots of empty space that could be used for much more.

Nice map.

It is supposed to be an abandoned subway station… the emptiness is to give you the idea of being alone… empty… filling it with explosions or other crazy shit would make no sense.

Not bad. I like it.

What’s the map?

Wow thats a sexy camera angle you got there.

i like it but i think it needs more rubbish

whats wrong with the rating? i want to put wood! :frowning:

It looks alright, although it’s pretty bland.

Don’t mean to bump it, but haven’t been online. Thanks guys, also there is a ton of rubbish, but the camera angle negates it all.



well, the title doesn’t say so
neither does the description

Touche, I was just assuming that people would think it was abandoned.

Thanks for the map name.

well, now we know :]