A survivor's [Interactive] journey

Exhausted. That’s the word describing how I was doing after all the events that led to this sorry, painful and ruthless world. There was no hope left for survivors: everything went to hell in a matter of seconds. I wasn’t prepared for that - nobody was - and maybe that’s the reason those people, those who should’ve ended the war for the sake of everyone, screwed us all. They screwed the entire planet! They assassinated it and every species living on it, just to clarify who was the strongest!..
If you are watching this video tape, then, hopefully, I got away. Away from everything, away from all of this. I think I’m going crazy, recording a tape no one will ever watch, but I don’t want to disappear out of the blue without having left any clue about me and my actions in this fucked world. But I won’t waste your time by sharing my thoughts with you. I’ll share something more than that. As you’ve probably seen when entering this shelter, I’ve had to murder a man, something I wish I would have never done, but he wasn’t exactly the most friendly of the survivors left in this rotting planet. I had no intention to rob him or anything… he just didn’t want me to stay in “his” haven. Understandable, but it was in my interest to survive too…
I want to share my experiences with you, whoever you are. I hope this tape will be seen by all the survivors left on Earth, maybe in a better future, where the sun will shine, bright and hot, upon the skyscrapers of a metropolis. Maybe this will be the only memory about the Nuclear age…


What I’m still able to remember, is that I woke up in a bunker of some sort, without knowing how I got there. I’ve always been lonely since the start of the Nuclear age. I couldn’t find any kind of alcohol, so there’s no way I got drunk. The only possibility is that somebody moved me when I passed out. Because I passed out when I have least expected it. In search for food, without any resource for days, I was walking down the lonesome road, or what was left of it, and I just tripped, exhausted, hungry and feeble.



When I opened my eyes, I… I was speechless. I haven’t been there before! How did I end up in that bunker?
It was not a recent bunker, the metal walls were encrusted by rust, the red seats covered by dust. I swear I could have heard feeble voices, talking to me from afar.


I wondered where those voices were coming, so I stood up and moved my head back and forth, right ‘n’ left, without stopping one second. If I was able to find those voices, I would’ve found survivors, probably who brought me in that bunker.
It was clear they weren’t in the room, so I started wandering around in the corridors.


Those corridors led me to a rusty, steel door. It was shut, but broken. I was able to open it and continue my way.


After going through that door, I found myself in a dusty, empty desert, with some old, abandoned houses scattered around.
The voices were as feeble as when I was inside the bunker. But that could not have been possible. Maybe my ears failed me.


I looked up, at the horizon. The sun was up, emitting a yellow light everywhere in the sky. A cold breeze came by and passed through, shattering on me. It wanted to stop me from exploring the area.
I was able to see some wrecked structures, up the hills. And there were also some nuclear centrals. Looking at them started something in me. Suddenly I was both angry and scared of them. The Nuclear age started because of them. Because of the Nuclear war which devastated our planet.


Remaining still like a fool, staring at the horizon wasn’t an option at the time. I had to find any item, food or beverage, scattered around.

** What should I do now?**

Check out the small caravan.

Go back and look for snacks in the bunker first.

I decided to check the small caravan, far away from my location.


While traveling through the dry hills, a load of thoughts overran my mind. How did I get there? Who brought me there? And where was that place? Will I find some other survivors?


Almost without noticing, I reached the caravan. I had to search for supplies, or anything useful. I tried to enter the caravan, but the door was locked from the inside. I was too tired to try and force it, so I looked out the window. There was only garbage inside.


The voices were still the same, weak, monotone, full of anxiety. I couldn’t understand where they were coming from. Plus, I felt… watched.


Before leaving that God forsaken place, I wanted to check out the small house near the caravan. The black, old door was not locked.


It was filled with garbage as well, antique furniture, wide open aluminum cans, and much more junk. I noticed another door. Of course, I opened it.


My weak hopes of finding any resource were crushed. That small, narrow room was also filled with rubbish. There were boxes, a wheel, a couple of pictures starring a normal family, the parents smiling with joy, the kid, careless; the other picture was probably the same kid, just older. Those pictures suddenly made me sad. I couldn’t look at them anymore.


As I looked down, I saw a rusty, heavy pipe resting on the ground, waiting for someone to pick it up. I realized it could have been valuable. I didn’t waste that chance. I brought it with me.


** What should I do now?**

Try heading towards those buildings nearby, there might be survivors hiding there.

Grab the pipe and walk around there. I know you’ll eventually encounter a monster or something

I’m gonna go with this one. The buildings might contain some survivors, or monsters. At least something interesting!

That’s going to be a little hard, they’re in the skybox. But I have an idea. Dunno if its going to work… I’ll keep you updated.

You could use a different map to represent them, like gm_apocalypse.

I’m missing Ep1 or Cs:s materials for that map. However I might see some maps… when garrysmod.org gets back online.