A suvivor in car drives in a city as hes being chased by infected

“You ain’t gonna catch my car BITCHES!”

Testing this model out, go ahead if you wanna edit.

Oh and Hairybastards awesome edit in the edting thread



Needs more AA. Otherwise, it’s very tasty.

Patrol zombie with that vest looks hilarious though. :v:

AA is to the highest, I dunno why it still looks like theres no AA

THAT’S MY KFC Chicken!!!

Windshield is displaced, or am I supposed to be critiquing on the posing?

Its the model its self

Crit on the posing

Alright, over it’s fine, but the driver glaring straight ahead (seems to be angry) isn’t really matching up to what is going on around him. I’d understand if there was a row of zombies infront of him…

I don’t know… it just doesn’t seem fitting.