A SWEP to let you "drive" cars without being in them

I recently had the idea of a SWEP that let’s you pick a vehicle (jeep, jalopy and custom vehicles) then lay out a track, and upon pressing a certain numpad key, drives the car without you having to steer or control it in any way.

This would be incredibly useful for machinimas, and seems pretty doable.

Preferably there would be an NPC “driving” the vehicle and steering, bit it’s not vital.

If this has been done, please post a link…

Thankyou in advance :slight_smile:

I made this swep some times ago,this let you control the car using the wasd keys (it will not stop you from moving tought)
This should do the trick
The neuro pod will attach self to a nearby car,driving it on npc’s nodes.
Anyway,i don’t think npc could be added to a vehicle in any way (don’t mention the hl2 jeep sequence because that was scripted)
Sorry for not being more useful :expressionless: