A.T Field (energy shield type of thing)

Since the not-so-recent changes on the forum, i can’t seem to find subforums, so i gotta post this here, i guess.
With all the broken Shield STools on garrysmod.org, and the lack of any other thing like this, i would like to ask that is it possible to make an AT Field addon.

Featured in the Evangelion series, in a nutshell, it is an energy shield, a very potent one. It’s strength is based on the power of the soul “casting” it, and is basically impenetrable for mundane human weapons. The only thing that can penetrate it, is another AT field…

(for more, and more detailed info: http://wiki.evageeks.org/A.T._Field )





So, how about making this a reality in Garry’s mod? Players could raise these defensive forcefields, battle each other using them, or just be badass resisting rpg shots, bullets, or basically anything thrown at them, while not making a single step. No godmode, just a force that protects the player from anything.

There are some addons that are similar to this… So… It’s possible.

Anyone up for it?

The combine mech has some type of force shield.

Yes, the only next thing is needed that it shields from bullets, and doesn’t allow people to go inside it.
If a modifiet version could be obtained…


If you mean Carter’s Addon Pack, then yes, that also has a similar shield, but i don’t think they just gonna let people take and use it. Besides, someone who can make this is needed first.

Take a look on CAP Gouald Iris. I’ve used there a model instead making shield shape directly with LUA. Thanks to that, it have perfect shape and can block everything.