A Tale of A Town

Gather round the campfire nekids, let uncle rooster tell you another story about rust. It was an ordanairy day in Rustia, bandits were banditing, farmers were resourcing, and the birds and the sun were almost down from the top of the sky. When, one Man, KoSed to the max decided enough was enough. He went to hacker valley, and there he laid the first foundations, of spiketown. A land where nekids could be safe, and could prosper. The town grew, everyone wanted in, I myself was one of the first settlers, I built myself a home, which doubled as my store for I was the town gunsmith. There was one problem with the location of the town, it was apparently the sacred hunting grounds of a local tribe. The mayor immediately mobilised the town guard, it was a slaughter, the tribe retreated to civ 2; bandit country. Well the town went well for a while, when trouble brew. People were unhappy with the mayors rule, strict laws, weapons restrictions, public executions, all under the pretense of “safety”. One day I was out near civ 2 gathering mats when I was aproched by a man in cloth, a tribal. “We know who you are” he said “we want you to make us a shipment of guns, so we may take back our land” “what’s in it for me?” I questioned. “Food, safety and the knowlage you did the right thing.” He answered “I’ll think about it” I said running back to town. When I reached the gate, the guard said to me “hey the mayor wants to speak to you” I ran up to the mayors lavish metal mansion, entering his office “smith” he spoke derrogetorely to me “I need a new shipment of guns for the guards” gestapo more like I thought “and what is the payment?” I asked “you get to live, now go!” Wondering what to do I walked back to the workshop, upon opening the door, I saw bob (I don’t remember his actual name) “rooster, we need your help” he started to say “let me guess, you need a shipment of guns?” I retorted “uh
Yeah, me and half the town are going to rebel, we need weapons” “and the payment is?” “You get to be vice mayor, and all the metal you want” what to do, I thought, when an idea struck, give half a shipment to the rebels, other half to the tribals, let the rebels attack th Gestapo guards first, when one of the 2 sides weaken, open the gates to le the tribals in, in the confusion, grab as much loot and use a secret door known only to me and some guards. A day later and it was go time, the guns were delivered and factions ready to go, the rebels started with a bombing on the town bank, the mayor rushed out to see what happened, and called the guard to arms, shoot outs began, when, an entirely new faction entered. The reason the mayor need more guns, is because unknownst to him, certain guards were stealing and caching weapons and Kevlar. The mayor was assassinated by the Captain of the Guard, and the Gestapo, fully kitted in kev and M4’s, tore the rebels apart, the tribals made their move, but fared worse than the rebels, mountains of dead tribals clogged the streets. And what happened to me? Well I made it out, I killed the guard at the bank and made a withdrawal, and grabbed my shotty, tore down the weapon building facilities and legged it, reaching the secret door, hidden as part of the wall, I took a final look at the burning town, and closed the door. Now, I have a hidden base up in the bandit country, the Gestapo jacked up the rent, and made it illegal to leave the town, I make a business of smuggling people out of the very door I used to escape. And that kids, was the story of SpikeTown. (This was all done on an iPhone, so excuse shitty paragraphs and spelling)

Sorry but saw the wall of text and instantly decided not to read.

One word for you. PARAGRAPHS!

Mate if you actually glanced at the post you would notice I did all of this on a iPhone with tiny little freakin buttons.

It’s not our fault you make poor consumer choices.

decided to read. story sucked. you should have prepared yourself some pop corn. and watched the show.