A Tale of Emergent Gameplay 2: Poopy McDougals Electric Boogaloo

“Stop Evil-Doer! Or face my Pipe of JUSTICE!”
“haha not today Rustman! KEVLAR-AWAY!”
Tune in, for the thrilling conclusion of…A TALE OF EMERGENT GAMEPLAY!

Read here for Part 1

Me and My friend waited until night, using the cover of darkness to hids, as we had just picked up some shiny new Kev from the regulators. we reached Fort Chocolate, and saw, that it had changed dramatically, to get to poopys base, we had to first cross a spike wall, then traverse a large open killing ground, then breach their outer wall and gate, then their actual fort.

This wasn’t going to be easy

we regrouped with the Regulators, and came up with a plan, 4 Regulators would surround the base with M4’s, while they provide covering fire, me and my Friend, TehNinjaGuy, would storm their defences, scale the wall, and breach the fort.

Again, we waited for night. The Regs were in Postion, me and my friend checked our gear.
Me; i carried
A ShotGun w/laser, flashight and holosight. 50Rnds
a P250 w/laser. suppresor. 20Rnds.
2 F1 Frag Grenades.
6 C4 Charges
5 Lrg Medkits
5 Wooden Barricades
Role of Group: Breacher, i would be first in to clear rooms with Vera, My trusty Shotty

M4 w/Holo sight, laser, flashlight, Suppresor. 120Rnds
9mm Pistol w/laser. 18Rnds
1 F1 Grenade
10 Lrg Medkits
5 Bandages
Metal Hatchet
Role of Group: Medic

It was time to attack.
it was the middle of night, when it started. the Regs started to dump Rounds downrange. Poopy and his mates flew flares into the sky, lighting up the area. me and Ninja started our run, we reached the spike wall without much difficulty, Ninja Planted down the barricade on an angle, and we scrambled over, then Poopy and Friends responded, M4 Rounds and Boltys started to crack from their windows, we were about halfway to their fort, when a Bolty bullet slammed into my shoulder, i popped a medkit and kept running.

we reached the Outer Fort wall, i started to get my C4 out, when Ninja stopped me, “Hey man look, there isn’t a celing. we can climb over” “good thinking” i said, as we whipped out the barricades again, we breached the outer wall, now for the fort itself.

We were about to get the C4 onto the front door, when it flung open, a guy in kevlat brandishing an MP5 was there, and he looked pretty damn suprised to see us. looking at the nameplate, i reconised him as PoopyMcDougal’s Best friend, for now lets call him, Mr. TwatBurger, i had my hands full with C4, so i took a step back, while Ninja Ripped a Mag into him. twatburgers neck did that hilaroius Neck extend thing, and slumped to the floor. Ninja held the door open, while i grabbed his MP5.Chucking the C4 to Ninja, I Burst into the Room with my shotty, the only way to go was up the stairs, so i went. at the top another kev appeared and started to fire down at me with a bolt, i counted the shots…Crack!…One…Crack…TwoCRACK… thats 3 Bitches, sprinting up the stairs, i caught him reloading, “Oh Fu…” was all he was able to say when i blasted him point blank in the chest with Vera, Sending him backwards, he had left the door open so i charged in, only for the door behind me to slam shut.

Ah shit

But there was no time to dwell on it, as i heard a scraping noise, i quickly spun round to see TwatBurger, Freshly incarnated as a nekid brandishing a handcannon. and he was about to blast me with it. unfortuately, the handcannon just didn’t wanna co-operate, and i was able to blast him with Vera. but i was still locked in.

“Hahah we got you now Rooster!” Poopy Called out “now we just gotta wait for you to starve!” Fuck! how do i get out? i thought, checking my inventory Dammit, i gave the C4 to Ninja. i started to look around the room, the door was metal, so pickaxe was out of the question, continuing to scan the room, i laid my eyes on two Large Wood storage crates.
i Cracked one open, to find it packed to th brim with cooked chicken breast. upon inspection of the other one, it was full of Water, Beans and Tuna, looking around i saw campfires.
They Locked me in the Kitchen

“Hey Dickbags!” i called out. “your starving me plan ain’t gonna work!” i called out. “oh Yeah!? Why!?” Poopy replied. “you DO realise you locked me in the Kitchen.”
All there was, was silence Eventually "Really?’“yeah i got enough food for 2 Weeks in here” “well…WE’RE STILL GONNA STARVE YOU”

Not much to say here, for about 1 IRL hour, i just sat there, eating all their food

when finally, Ghost, The Regulator Commander spoke up. “If you don’t let Rooster Out, We’l destroy your entire base!”
Now poopy dismissed this with smug arrogance, but, Twat-Burger wanted to deal with us, “Think about it dude, if we let him out, they’ll leave us alone!” they argued for about 5 minutes, when twat burger cracked it, and blew Poopy away with his M4. he opened the door that was keeping me in “Ok man, i’ll let you out if you leav…” BLAM i blew his head off, rushed into their bedrooms, frag’ed their beds and stole their shit

and i shit you not, for the next day, they whined in chat, about how they should give us their Kevlar and Guns back, and that they thought we were friends.
When we said no, they threw Hackusations around for 5 mins and Ragequit
TL;DR: if you lock someone with a gun in a room for an hour. they’re not gonna be happy when you open it.