A Task Force Move in on a Gang Hideout in A Ghetto


I’m not really happy with the outcome of the editing - though I think I did a good job posing and building this scene.

Not a fan of the camera angle but it looks pretty good.
Blood may be a bit too bright.

It was the only way I could get an overview of whole scene.

The blood might be a bit bright and pasted-on looking, but it makes it stand out nicely.

I like the camera angle, although there is quite a lot of emptiness.

I think some dust and round impacts and thing of that nature could have filled it out a bit.

i like

Good job!

Good job. I like the angle, and I think the blood actually fits.

Thanks for the comments and C&C guys.

I like the build and the blood pools the best. Nice.

Really good, blood could be darker tho.

I don’t really see a “ghetto” so much as an actual warzone, since everyone has automatic weapons and uniforms

The gang thought it would be cool if they all had matching uniforms.


So they ordered a bunch online.