A Team Fortress Hanging


Version one:

Original ;)! Really like it. Though the scaffold could use some work, for the sake of aesthicity (If there even is such a word).

“The Bastards Hung Me in the Spring of 25…” And…?

I see. Ragdolls hanging around…

Yes I know, but I couldn’t stop it. Nice picture though.

I like it, much, that’s a clever way of avoiding heavy editing and faceposing and stuff, looks cool.

aliasing problems everywhere except scout and spy bug me

Sadly, i thought i would be a demoman…

Apart from the aliasing, It’s great and original.

Original and well done, palette for you!

I like version 1 the best. Good job!
have wood.

It’s Hanged not hung

other then that it’s good, take this wood with color on it.

this is amazing

Cool idea, well executed. Good job.

That may be, but the text is taken from the song, and well he says “hung”.

Thanks guys, for all the comments!

Originals, by the way:

Posing may look a bit off, but I didn’t put too much time into it. If I didn’t like it, I could always morph it in Photoshop.

nice atmosphere, aside from the aliasing problems on the engi, looks great :slight_smile:

Something original? Holy shit.

isn’t all his pics original, or am i insane?

Now wait just a dern moment.

Why would they be hangin’ the engie? And if they hung him how could he be saying they hung him?

It’s an awsome picture, though. What is the soldier supposed to be holding?

The picture isn’t pointed at the engineer himself, I just think of him as a southern man and for some reason I thought that would fit.

Thanks for the comments, compadres!

“But I am still alive…”

Good work.