A team of bank robbers flee the military on the freeway

“We’re gettin’ painted! We’re gettin’ painted!”


C&C. Don’t ask about the stinger. I needed a guy leaning out with something a little more threatening towards an apache than a rifle.

Looks really good theres some things you left out though
theres no people driving in the other cars
and why would they send the military for a couple of bank robbers?

Who knows? I mean, the one guy has a stinger missle…they must be dangerous.

There are drivers in the cars you can see into.

DAMN! the Enzo is driving with 2 wheels on the wall!

It seems to bright.

all it takes to end the chase with 1 move is from that apache.

What the hell is with the building textures in the background?

looks cool just how did the red car in the back get up the side of the wall like that dont make sense

wtf painted?

Painted. It’s a term a pilot would use when a stinger or other rocket locks onto him (in this case, the guy in the Cobra is saying it).

The Helis and stinger missle ruins it for me, i think a high speed chase would be better.

What the crap? Did they like rob Fort Knox?

That sure is a lot of chaos.

You should use the flatout 2 cars for the wreckage btw.

I dont think bankrobbers are going to be THAT heavy armed

It’s Gm_Big City. It always has been screwed up.

It’s hardly logical… but the posing is good

and it is too bright.

How can I get flatout 2 cars in my game? I have flatout 2.

It doesn’t seem that bright to me, though…is your monitor’s brightness set high?

no, then everything would look bright, and I’ve reviewed all the threads and almost all the pictures on the first page, most of them actually look too dark, so it is your editing.

It’s not like very disturbingly bright, but it looks like it’s on the brink of “burning”, as in the lightest bit of it turning completely white (all rgb values at full… or zero… anyways, the whitest the rgb system can do)

You need to download the ported models. You don’t need Flatout 2.

Maybe I’ll tone it down a bit next time.