A team of 'Elite Associates' cautiously make their way through a space station

Well, the hype for Mass Effect 2 is beginning to take a toll on me…
Because of this I got YET ANOTHER comic idea which I may or may not got through with or combine into one of my other ones. So here we have some space gal, some alien, and some robotically implanted person, making their way through a Chimera space station.





-I hate this fucking map
-The map shakes randomly and violently making it difficult to pose and take screenshots
-The fucking lights went out and stayed out on the map making me add some crappy lamps
-HL2DM Maps don’t look great with my editing style
-I edited the Saren model’s eyes so they don’t look like some dark pit of despair
-I’ve been contemplating several related ideas for weeks now; the first I was doing great on then the game crashed and I hadn’t saved, the second I went mentally blank and forgot what I was posing, the third was so retarded I didn’t take pictures.
-SORRY, BUT NO, YOU CANNOT HAVE SAREN everything else can be found on the forums in this handy area:http://www.facepunch.com/search.php

I love the notes.
The pictures are very artistic so you get some wood.

Awesome stuff, man.

good stuff m8.

Looking at Jessica makes me hungry…

Thanks y’all.

Kinda cool. Diggin’ that Saren model.

Lord Chesticus has made a post, here.


First picture is my favorite, seems to be an interesting cast though.

Quite good.

BUT, everything else can be found? You sure about that? :smug:

Hehe, of course with the exception of that. :v:

They’re a bit dark.


I like Saren’s eyes.

all around good pictures :slight_smile:

Can you link the map?

My sources must remain secret, that and I’m too lazy. But I’m sure you can find it on FPSBanana

Thanks. Did’em my self. :smug:

Or you’re just being a dick.

Yeah, it’s a bit of selfishness. But it can be found on FPSBanana.

Here’s the map:

Bump, because Ben wants to show he’s not selfish.

No one that has private models is selfish. Or it might be the other way around i don’t know shit always hits the fan when i post stuff lololol.

Also Cool posing the edited eyes in on Saren look a bit odd but other then that awesome work again.

So Chesty is a god now? Everyone gotta kiss his feet eh?