A team of rebels outside one of the Cities


Editing is shit – I know. Give me some C&C.

The rebel in the back dosen’t really look like he’s walking.

It’s nice though, have a autistic rating.

My posing sucks aswell – forgot to mention it in the OP. Soz.

No prob. Wanna take a coffee or something tomorrow/this weekend?

It’s been a while. :v:

Is that the Stokely Carmicheal model ?

The submachine gun the guy up front is holding has pretty horrible textures. I like it overall though.

what you sayin’ about the eu smg from battlefield 2142?!

Magically attached gasmasks go!

It’s okay.

I like the color.

They use hot glue to attach the gas masks. As you can imagine, putting on or taking them off is a unpleasant experience.

Really can’t this weekend.

Could use more colors, but it’s alright.