A teamspeak/ventrilo plugin

After some looking I could not find a lua script for connecting to ventrilo or teamspeak servers. I know there is a plugin for sourcemod that does this job but i don’t want to go through the hassle of installing sourcemod for only one plugin. So is there either someone who would be willing to write a basic lua script or know where i can find a script that will do this job?

All i want it to do is connect to the voice server in the background when something simple like !ts is typed into chat. This script will be installed on a public darkrp server so i can guarantee it will be used.

Any help in this matter would be much appreciated.

This would have to be a DLL, [del]and I don’t know what you mean by[/del]

[del]It sounds like you want a script to install the said DLL into any random DarpRP server’s FTP…this would require you to hack into the server’s FTP…besides being illegal it is very impractical.[/del]


oh I get it…I didn’t notice the period after chat…yeah…

And I don’t think this can be done…because you can’t force other programs to run via a GMod DLL. And why not just use in-game voice…

well i know it can be done oustside of lua because like i said there is a sourcemod plugin called Voice Join. I was just hoping for a much more simplistic solution. And its good to have teamspeak on an rp server for like the cops and other groups that need a semi private means of communicating across the server for coordinating raids and such

You can actually make a voice chat channel just for cops, much like on Trouble in Terrorist Town how if you press Your sprint key as traitor you can use a Traitor only voice chat. It involves using **[Gamemode.PlayerCanHearPlayersVoice


There aren’t any bindings in Lua that can do this.
You have three options.
One, find someone who can make gmod modules and get them to make it for you.
Two, Learn to do it yourself.
Three, Install sourcemod.
Unfortunately for you, as far as I know there are only about 10 people who know how to make a module that could do something like that, and all of them are busy doing their own stuff. Good luck!

open a url like this



local ip “”
local port “1111”
local pass “pass” – if needed else leave empty like this

function openteamspeak( player, strText, bTeamOnly, bPlayerIsDead )
if player == localplayer()
if strText = “/teamspeak”
HTMLTest = vgui.Create(“HTML”)
HTMLTest:SetSize(ScrW() - 100, ScrH() - 100)
HTMLTest:OpenURL(“ts3server://” … ip … “?port=” … port … “&nickname=” … localplayer():GetName … “&password=”)
hook.add(“OnPlayerChat”, “openTS”, openteamspeak)

Untested like always