A teleport home mechanic that works with Rust ++?

As title states… is there a way mod the Rust++ so it also allows you to set a home location and teleport there? Only need for the admins… kinda sucks tp’ing to someone to assist and then having to run home again.

simple to do, but not worth its own update. could whip this up in literally 1 minute with Magma. rust++ development is on hold whilst we work on Magma & rewrite it in javascript

you can use the server command:
teleport.topos “playerName” “5630” “1000” “-4006”

“5630” “1000” “-4006” is a set of cords. found at http://www.rustnuts.com

not sure if rust++ has a “position” command…check that out

I do this every once and in awhile…lets face it, being an admin takes alot out of your time, this just helps a bit when you need to get things done fast when helping people

After getting your home cordinates, just copy and paste it somewhere safe…then just use when needed