A terrorist looking in a mirror for the last time.

This was the hardest photoshop I’ve done even if it sucked. I had to create the neck with clone stamp and I’m sure the burning on the T is overdone but I think it’s post worthy.


The camera angle makes me confused.

Terrorist lying on the ground next to a fallen mirror?

is his head backwards?
or did he just break it

The mirrors head is.


Good idea, bad execution

This required a lot of editing and I’m not good at editing so truth be told, I’m not suprised.

Low wall texture kills it, stiff posing, and looks like he broke his neck.

why the fuck is he sideways

He’s chillin on the floor, like all terrorists do in intense situations

Cause he’s on the ground with a bullet in his chest.

Bullet in the back is the number one cause of tiredness.

Try looking at the picture.

Yeah, I like the idea.

yeah,why is he sideways?

Overdone contrast. For shading use Black brush, burn = bad.

And you should have textured the wall.

And his head is TURNED 360 degrees


This fucking sucks

get out.

What you should have done is taken two pictures, one of the terrorists on the floor looking at the mirror; and one of the mask-less terrorists standing up, because the one right now is a copy of the terrorist on the floor, hence the broken neck look). Then just photoshop it together too make it look right (if the way I described it makes sense).