A test of my new reskin



Good god those things are scary, I wouldn’t want one of those heading my way D:

Freakin awesome.

Damn these guys look awesome.

Is that a human or a drone?
They look pretty badass.

Damn those things are badass.

Nice picture man.

Do you happen to have the link to these bad boys?

How come he had a Mass Effect weapon in one picture then an AK in the next? :V

Those are some pretty scary dudes. The lighting looks good too.

I cant agree more with the other comments. first impression was ‘woah, thoses dudes look scary’

i’m going to reskin some other guys from this pack,and then release them together


and another one


PM when they’re released!!

Holy shit those are some badass looking mother fuckers.

Excellent recolors.

Me too you know! It’s fucking nice!

I would also like information is these delicious models.

are those metal berets

dunno who are metal berets,but theese models are from this pack

Better than the army of 2 originals

A beret Is a hat