a Theory on Official sever hack(er)s...

I have been reading many of the threads related to official servers being hacked with people flying and going through walls and it made me think about my admin privileges on my server. as an owner I can fly and go through stuff and look in chest, etc.

So I am wondering if several of the official servers have been compromised, that is someone got the users.cfg file updated via a server backdoor and/or have access to the rcon password?

when was the last time someone checked the credentials and the users.cfg file?

might be time to update/reset the official server password and wipe those users.cfg files maybe?

just a thought!

Nah if you search on youtube for “rust experimental cheat” you can see for yourself. its a client cheat.

It is also possible one or more of the official servers are running with VAC/EAC off.

It happened before when they were gathering info on hacks.

Depressing watching this. Gathering all that ore and trees and making mats all for nothing. What’s the point of even playing…

Is it possible that the hacker is playing on a server that has VAC/EAC off ?

I think that the tool that he’s using should easily be detected by anti cheat systems.

Fortunately it’s easy to protect yourself against cheating on the official servers.

lol no it’s easier then that.
it’s the client that controls the admin flyhack (checks if you are admin on the server)
hacks just remove that check (to see if you’re admin) so they can use when ever they want it.