A thought about flexes (The Faceposer)

A while back someone released a Sheik model that had an interesting flex. There was a slider that made the body either more feminine or masculine. I was wondering how come you don’t see more models using that? Unless I’m grossly overestimating the ability of flexes (and underestimating the time investment) couldn’t that be used to make much more modular models? For instance, DBZ models that you can switch between beefy or normal mode. Female models that could have adjustable bust sizes. It could even be used to make generic models less generic (its no secret that FacePunch loves military models).

I’ve seen a veritable renaissance from the usage of skin and body groups. Between the flexes idea and the Mafia 2 color tool using outfit I think we could see a lot of cool new stuff.

Just an idea FP. Keep up the good work.

Because it requires effort, something which people seem to hate.

Because as said, it requires effort, not to mention how shit often seems to happen when making models. I’ve seen some models abandoned when an error they can’t figure out makes it hell (For example: Eyeposing not working despite best efforts to make it work), not to mention that an update to their modeling program can break their model while making it.

It’s used by Tales from the Galactopticon to randomly alter the facial features of generated NPCs

Something similar is essentially used by mount and blade whereas you have a base male mesh and a female one in frame one. There’s also a tool that automatically can feminise the male mesh - you could use these things as outputs if you wanted. The main issue with using this method, is that it works decently on relatively simple models - as long as no texturing is involved then everything is fine since you usually need different shading different normals etc to make it look good.

It could be done if we got flex facial normals as they exist in l4d but until comes up with a tool that can easily set those up, no luck. It’s much better to just have two different models.

The issue with both this as well as the colour tool is that it’s not really well done in the current engine iteration that gmod runs on. If someone were to write a new shader as well as broaden the flex system it would be doable. Until then it’s not that great.

(the colour tool being an ability to essentially use a specific channel whatever to overlay a material or full colour which would then use shading from an AO bake just as an example)

The main problems with flexes are the limits that are put on them by the OB engine, as you cannot have more than 1000 verticies being moved in total on a model (which is fine for low poly models like Shiek) and you cannot move them too far from their orginal positions (but said distance doesn’t seem to be the same for every model and there are sneaky ways around it).

Also that would be very nice to have, i’ve experimented with the colour tool in it’s current form and cannot find a common factor on how it decides what parts get coloured and what doesn’t. And your right, it would require rewrites of the shaders to allow overlay channels and not just a tweak of the Lua code which is most annoying.