A Thought on What Makes Rust Fun

I was at work today and with the coming snow storm and a meeting, I had a lot of extra time to think about Rust. In doing so, I was trying to figure out why exactly I am even playing this game in Alpha. After all, the server I was playing on died so I moved to another. My group there turned on itself when I was offline. So I moved to another server that just had a fresh wipe. Within 6 hours, everyone had military weapons and was raiding each other. I returned from work today and on that server I had nothing left because already there were roving gangs of bandits.

Why though? Why can I literally join any server and gear up with kevlar, an M4, and all the ammo I need in the matter of 3 or 4 hours? That’s not survival. That’s just Counter Strike requiring more patience. My one friend is a raider and when I joined a server with him we didn’t even build a shelter. We just did a few rad towns and were better equipped in 3 hours than a fresh spawn who had worked for 9 hours.

That brings me to my thought on why I enjoy the game. Survival. The PVP is ancillary to me. So, I did a quick Google search for primitive servers and found one right away. Hopped on and I already can tell I am going to enjoy it. No MP5s, M4s, or C4. Just homemade weaponry and small scale tribal warfare. It has a low server pop but they are brand new (like yesterday).

This is what Rust is about though. There was no starter kit. No air drops just to satisfy the crowds. I would love to see more people play like this but I have a feeling that almost half of people prefer to have their M4s and C4 sadly.

(If you want the IP to the server, just PM me. I’d rather not get banned here.)

Get back to work, Johnson. I saw you daydreaming during that meeting.

Pm me please! I’m interested!

I got almost 300 houres played of rust and i loved this game and still do in a special way, because its an survival game! But then again every time there is server wipe 20minutes after wipe people are running around with m4 and shitt so I ask my self wtf this ain´t survival this is just some fucking counterstrike!!!

Don´t get me wrong i like the idea of guns but fuck sake m4 mp5 c4 its just easy butter getting it. I have raided skyskrapers and sheds its just silly how easy it is. For me I think im gonna stop play for a while … its not because i get raided or die to often its because this game is starting to be more like just first person shooter but not a fucking survival game!

And for all the retards out there who say “well build a better base” or “don´t build on the roade then they will just raid you” well im not a retard just because my spelling looks like it! I for 200 houres I had a base in couple of servers and it has never been found NEVER been raided because its so well hidden and it takes me 10minutes to get there or so (wich is fine)

And now they are adding a chopper i mean wtf survival? no its just another way of well equiped kids who have way to much time on their hands to start spraying at naked men! And again im not against killing naked men just saying this game it becoming more and more just a first shooter game NOT SURVIVAL!

PvP is a must in this game i agree with that but i think i would enjoy it more if we used handcannon more or bows or some other medival items wich makes more sense that you can craft since you only start off with a rock - bandage and a torach!

The office called and they want to know where and why the TPS reports are not done!

Looks like your PMs are off. You can find the server admin’s post here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/252490/discussions/1/630802979083154558/

Just so you know, the admins have made military available but VERY rare and uncraftable. I’ve killed about 50 zombies so far and raided 3 rad towns but found not a single military gun. I think it’s only basically from drops.

I thought you said NO AIRDROPS…
To bad

No airdrops just to satisfy the crowd. In other words, it’s not like those servers where the admin is like, “Get me 5 more people and I will do 2 airdrops!”

Garry said he wants to make military grade equipment super rare. So I assume we’ll see more makeshift weapons like the new revolver take the place of m4’s and c4.

Which is awesome because I love that revolver.

sounds like a fun server. Can you send me the IP id like to check it out?


Here’s where I learned about the server: http://steamcommunity.com/app/252490/discussions/1/630802979083154558/

I don’t own the server so I hope this doesn’t count as advertising.

Oxide had some issues and broke so they reset it today with the following:
ALL military guns & kevlar is un-researchable and un-craftable.
F1 Grenades are craftable.
C4 is uncraftable.
Bolt Action is now researchable.
Items like C4, M4, MP5, etc. are only about a 0.00001% chance in being found or something like that.

I had a fight in a rad town with a guy who had a P250 and I had a revolver. He didn’t hit me once but I nailed him in the head twice. I took his P250 and I have been contemplating just dropping it so it disappears forever.